festival and special event management

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Festivals and special events are a growing business in the world’s current trends. With special events growing and generating more and more money for communities and nations this assignment will take an in depth look how special events and festival have a positive and negative effect on the environment the economy, society and culture. Festivals especially have developed dramatically since the first known weekend long concerts in California in the summer of 67. With new technology and production it has allowed festivals to improve the quality of events and provide more in ways of entertainments to meet guests needs. This in turn also allows festivals and special events to allow more people to attend the event than before.
“A special
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This type of national event brings communities together to support each other with everyone across the country whilst raising money and awareness. Reading and Leeds festival are examples of national events that are purely held for entertainment value. People come together for a celebration of music. Whilst reading and leeds are well known fairly large towns festivals like latitude in Lowestoft a smaller town brings people from across the country improving the towns revenue by tourism of UK citezans. It also brings the community together in he setting up of the event to make it the most successful it can be. For example the farmers around the local area paint all there sheep different colours to improve the atmosphere for festival goers.
Community events are smaller scale events used as a celebration, to raise money/awareness or to break records. A well known celebration between communities is bonfire night where many towns people come together to watch a parade and to burn guy forks on the bonfire which is then ususually followed by a firework display. The people in the parade are normally local societies and charities using the parade to raise money. Those watching the parade put money in fundraising pots as the parade travels through the town. This is a good way of the community being entertained whilst also knowing there money is going back into making there environment safer and nicer and helping
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