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Knowledge Objectives
Define organizational diversity and distinguish between affirmative action and diversity management.
Distinguish multicultural, plural, and monolithic organizations.
Describe the demographic characteristics of the U.S. population and explain their implications for the composition of the workplace.
Discuss general changes in the United States that are increasing the importance of managing diversity effectively.
Understand why successfully managing diversity is extremely important for high-involvement work organizations. Discuss the various roadblocks to effectively managing a diverse workforce.
Describe how organizations can successfully manage diversity.
Diversity Defined
A characteristic
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Common Stereotypes
People with Disabilities
White Men
Black People
Japanese Men
Jewish People
Arab People
Adapted from Exhibit 2-4: Common Stereotypes
Stereotyping – Difficult to Stop
• Tough to dispel
• Guide what information we look for, process and remember
• Seems to be an enduring human quality – everyone has some stereotypes
Women, Work and Stereotypes
• While things have improved, are there still gender issues in the workplace?
• Are the issues faced by the women in the text unique and unusual?
• What are your thoughts about the survey conducted by Elle and
Experiencing Strategic OB
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Social Identity
A person’s knowledge that he or she belongs to certain social groups, where belonging to those groups has emotional significance. Key Points:
Person’s social identity becomes more salient and noticeable when in the minority on an important dimension
Having a social identity different than the majority may make people feel they have to behave in ways that are unnatural for them in certain contexts
Minority group members often fear losing their social identity
People often evaluate others based on their membership in social groups
Sample Self-Identity Structures
Adapted from Exhibit 2-5: Sample Self-Identity Structures
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