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IMPROVING THE X-RAY PROCESS AT COUNTY HOSPITAL Sullivan University Operations Strategy (MGT620X) Submitted to Submitted by Dr. Wendy Achilles Naresh.Kondepati Shri Haritha.T EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This project is an effort to understand the main reasons for the long waiting times at our X-ray center and determine the…show more content…
So multiple simulation tables were run and analyzed with input of extra personnel or rooms. After all this thorough analysis the best model is formulated and incorporated. Background: As customers, we generally do not like to wait more than the expected wait time. The managers of the establishments at which we wait also do not like long waiting times, since such waits may adversely affect customer’s loyalty, thereby affecting revenues. In general, a queuing system involves customers who enter the system, perhaps wait in a line (a queue), are served, or leave the system not served. At Country hospitals the main problem is the service level at the X-ray processing center. The present X-ray processing center has been the cause of dissatisfaction among patients which is creating a negative reaction among the patients. The present process starts when a patient leaves the physician’s office with instructions and enters the X-ray center to get an X-ray. Once the patient enters he takes a token and waits till he is called by the front desk assistant to fill the background form. Then the patient waits for the X ray technician, the patient then enters the X-ray lab and the X-ray technician takes the required X-rays. Upon completion a darkroom technician develops the X-rays the patient is sent back to the X-ray technician who checks the X-rays for clarity. Based on the clarity of the X-rays the patient returns to the waiting room

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