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Task 1 Horizontal analysis Horizontal analysis allows side by side comparisons on a year to year basis to determine the performance from one year to the next. The company decides on standards to compare the results of the analysis. Standards are researched by checking competitors, internet research of general industry guidelines or standards created from past experience in the company. The Company states in the summary that they attribute the net sales decrease in sales to the economy. The primary buyers of the bikes are professional bikers and with the sponsors of these professionals backing off the sales for this company took a direct hit. Competition Bikes Inc, also decreased advertising between years 7 and 8. This looks as…show more content…
This will influence companies lending money to Competition Bikes should the need arise to repay future debts. The Total Current Assets for Competition Bikes is 36.8% in year 8 up from 31.5%, showing that the company has enough funds to settle current debt. Specifically Works in Process Inventory and Raw Materials Inventory remains unchanged from year 7 to 8, this shows that even with a decrease in sales the company is slow moving and has not adjusted inventory to sales. The company has accrued more debt from year 7 to year 8 seeing an increase of Total Current Liabilities moving from 5.4% to 7.0%. Trend Analysis Trend Analysis is attempting to spot a pattern in information that is collected. Trend analysis is mostly used to predict future events, although another good use is to review and estimate the situation of past events. The income over the last three years has been fluctuating.. This tells us the company has an initial growth period. Sales also drop between years 7 and 8 and the gross profit margin decreased as well. This may be due to operating expenses. This leads to the prospect of stable future sales. The stakeholders are continuing to back the company and the company does predict sales will remain stable. The modest increase in sales does not show enough to recover without making adjustments to free capital. Using year 8 as a starting point when forecasting 9-11 years, the

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