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Computer Applications In
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So, it pioneered the use of bar-code technology, put computers in delivery vans and shared its software with customers. In doing so, the company turned package tracking into a high art and gave new meaning to the term
"customer service" by empowering customers to serve themselves. Giving customers access to
FedEx information systems raised performance and lowered costs on both sides.
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Computer Applications In Business 1


How FedEx introduced erp (sap)
Federal Express sees its biggest e-commerce opportunity in linking its shipping software to corporate enterprise resource planning [ERP] systems, rather than in delivering documents electronically. FedEx announced an upgrade to its Web site which lets customers themselves arrange to ship packages online in 58 nations instead of just shipping within the United States.
FedEx has enabled online tracking for some time. The site lets customers conduct business in four different languages, which mainly include Japanese, Spanish, French, or English.
FedEx has now imposed technology with its logistics and services which has given them an upper hand in the competitive market. FedEx has announced agreements with ERP giant SAP and e-commerce vendor Interworld to build links to its online tracking site into their software.
As a part of this alliance, FedEx is delivering a new shipping and tracking application designed specifically to provide R/3 users with real
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