freshwater aquatic ecosystem Essay

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Freshwater Aquatic Ecosystems This paper will discuss freshwater aquatic ecosystem. It will identify impacts associated with agriculture, the effects that a growing human population may have on that ecosystem’s resources, including loss or harm to populations of wild species, sustainability and conservation of natural resources in freshwater aquatic ecosystem, risks and benefits of extracting or using one type of nonrenewable and one type of renewable energy resource, assess management practices for sustainability and conservation of natural resources and energy. The Fresh water ecosystems are among the earth aquatic ecosystems, which includes Lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, springs and wetlands. About 97.4% by volume is found in the…show more content…
Human consumption of water has increased naturally with the increase of people, but consumption has also increased because of human lifestyles in which some consume water excessively. Besides consumption, the growing human population has a harmful effect to the overall environment which also contributes to a decrease in supply. Humans require a certain amount of water in order to survive. The more humans that are on Earth, the more water is consumed. Additionally, the more humans there are that populate the world, the more contribution there is to polluting the environment, which is directly connected to freshwater regeneration since the condition of the environment determine how freshwater sources function. Wildlife species that rely on freshwater sources are the first indicators of how well a freshwater ecosystem is functioning. Freshwater fish thrive in a healthy ecosystem and provide certain health benefits for the humans that consume freshwater fish. A polluted global ecosystem, which may or may not be caused by humans, that ultimately affects the freshwater ecosystem will harm its wildlife and cause some of its species to become threatened or endangered. The growing human population is an issue that affects all natural ecosystems. The freshwater ecosystem is specifically and negatively greatly impacted by the growing population around these areas. Due to man-made interference within the freshwater ecosystem is the disposal of waste materials and
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