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Chapter 5 Struggle for Rights and Freedom 1. Revolt of Lakandula and Sulayman [1574] Cause: Lavezara’s Reversal of Legazpi’s policy After the death of Legazpi on August 20, 1572, Governor Guido de Lavezaris no longer exempted the native rules and their descendants from paying tribute. He ordered the confiscation of their patrimonial land properties. Because of the new policy, Lakandula and Sulayman decided to rise in arms. Talking advantage of Lim-Ah-Hong’s attack in Manila in 1574, the two chieftains proclaimed their revolt and gathered their warriors in Navotas Juan de Sancedo and Fr. Geronimo Marin were sent by Lavezaris to persuade them not to carry out their plan. They were given an assurance at all their grievances would be…show more content…
After Magalat was released, he went back to Cagayan and incited the people to continue the fight, Many Spaniards and loyal natives were killed by the rebels. Governor Tello sent Captain Pedro de Chavez to quell the revolt.Magalat, however, remained undefeated in open battle. Later, the Spaniards decided to hire native assassins. Magalat was murdered in his own house. 5. Revolt of the Igorots [1601] Cause: Refusal to Accept New Region The Spaniards were determined to convert the Igorots to Christianity. They launched a crusade to proselytize the highland natives of Luzon and to place them under Spanish authorities. A strong expedition was sent to the Igorot land to stop the natives from resisting colonial political and military control over them. 6. Revolt of the Irrayas, Northern Isabela in the Cagayan Valley [1621] Cause: Oppression of Spanish Officials Fray Pedro de Santo Tomas, a Dominical missionary, tried to convince the rebels to avoid an uprising against the abusive Spanish officials. The rebels led by Gabriel Dayag and Felix Cutabay refused to heed the priest’s words of peace. However, they allowed the friars to leave unmolested, with all their ornaments and jewels of the churches. After the missionaries had left, the Irrayas began their fight by killing the oppressive encomenderos and burning their houses, After this bloody incident, the rebels went up to the Basili River
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