generation z Essay

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Generation Lay-Z Arthur Miller’s most famous play, Death of a salesman, was published in 1949. The Broadway premiere was February 10, 1949.The setting takes place in New York and Boston in 1948. Willy Loman, and old salesman, returns home from a business trip .He returned from his business trip early because he was going off the road while he was driving. His wife Linda suggest to Willy that maybe being on the road isn’t safe for him, and that he should ask his boss ,Howard, for a local office job. Despite Willy’s problems at his work he has two other problems at home ,Biff and Happy. Willy starts to have these dreams where he starts talking really loud in his dreams. One night his whole family wakes up. Linda his wife confronts to the…show more content…
Now at Thirty four years old he finally realizes how bad of a parent Willy was. His brother Happy, who his name is Ironic, because he is truly not happy. Happy was always looked at as second, even though he always tried to please his father he was just never good enough for Willy. Happy is pretty successful he has the same thinking strategy as his father which is “get rich quick. “Happy has everything he could ask for a job, girls and money, but Happy isn’t truly happy. His unhappiness comes from his father always putting him second. If Biff and Happy where to be categorized in a generation they would be in generation Z because they are lazy, unmotivated, and indecisive. After Biff dropped out of high school he went to many jobs he said, “I spent six or seven years after high school trying to work myself up. Shipping clerk,salesman,business of one kind or another.” This shows how Biff is indecisive on what he wants to do in a career choice. Huff Post Teen says that Generation Z would work at one place of business then move on to another. Unlike other typical generations who stick to one place work there for a long time then retire. In the article, Characteristics of the Greatest Generation they quote, “the 41st president of the united states, was a navy air corps pilot who survived after being shot down during a bombing run on a Japanese target.” This proves that unlike Biff generation GI was a committed generation who got the job done. Because of happy
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