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Handout 1: Questions for Triumph of the Will by Leni Riefenstahl (1934/35) 1. Why does this film begin with a view of the clouds from the cockpit of an airplane? What might this image symbolize? I believe that the film began with a view of the clouds from the cockpit probably because Hitler was on the plane and it showed that he felt superior to everyone down below, or that he was finally in the midst of completing what he wanted which was to have a perfect Germany under his reign. 2. What impression do you get of Germany from the aerial shots of the city of Nuremberg? What general image does the director Leni Riefenstahl give of Germany as a country? Most of Germany was extremely supportive of Hitler. I saw this toddler not…show more content…
They all got along well together, and had each other’s back. The film shows one soldier scrubbing another soldiers back. Also there were a lot of chants and uniform sayings they repeated over and over, especially when Hitler was there. They paid homage to the Nazi comrades that had died. 5. What pictures of youth and masculinity are portrayed in this film? This film definitely contributes to the youth and masculinity. The youth was taught at a very young age to salute Hitler the appropriate way. Like I stated earlier, there was a toddler who was caught saluting Hitler. The young men who were becoming soldiers were now dedicating their lives to their country. One young man said, “We are the Reich’s young men,” so this shows that they consciously acknowledged who they were and for what they were called to do. As for masculinity, I believe that all men were sought to be equal because the film showed men serving the soldiers, so they served each other and they had no problem doing so. 6. What aspects of this film fit into the documentary film genre, and what aspects appear more purely propagandistic? The most propagandistic part of the film was when different men were giving speeches when Von Hindenburg died. They all had glittering and nice things to say about Germany and how the people and their loyalty were making all of it happen. It was giving Germany a sense of pride
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