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The leadership styles of the Follett Corporation Prepared for Dr. Gossman MAN 4120 Presented by Gabrielle Smith April 25, 2011 Introduction The leadership styles of the Follett Corporation are outstanding and will bring about company growth. This paper aims at revealing through analysis and research the leadership styles found within a Follett bookstore. This bookstore is well known by the writer and was chosen because of this intimate knowledge. This research focuses on four leadership styles that have been used within the organization. These styles play apart in the success of objectives and tasks being accomplished. Leaders need to acquire skills that will keep them one step ahead of the…show more content…
During 2010, Chuck Follett the great grandson of CW Follett and son of Laddie(Charles Sr) was promoted to CEO after Traut retired.(Follett Corporation, 2011). As stated on the company website, their vision and mission is to provide help to all stores thus enabling them to become the best supporters of higher education. Follett hopes to accomplish this by becoming the top supplier of services and products deemed academic and collegiate. Values play an important part in making any company successful. This is without a doubt one of the reasons why the Follett Higher Education Group has been so successful throughout the years. The company points out that their values are: “customers, innovation, integrity, teamwork, accountability and each and every associate.”(Follett,2011) Through the first value “customers,” the company recognizes associates who show a deep passion for excelling in customer expectations and are active, accessible and respondent in their relationships with internal and external customers. Through the second value “innovation,” the company encourages associates to be diverse in their thoughts, imaginative, problem solvers and wise risk takers. Through the third value “integrity,” the company requires that all employees follow the code of ethics as well as exercise honesty and trustworthiness. Through the fourth value “teamwork,” the company rewards employees who

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