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Alexus Catalfamo 5-5-15 Mrs. Sommo
Mythology Paper Period 6

Once upon a time, Odysseus and Penelope had decided to go on a honeymoon after he got back to Ithaca. His son had stayed to watch over the town while he and Penelope had gone to be alone in peace for once. While Telemachus was watching over Ithaca, Odysseus got into an argument with Zeus. Odysseus was devastated when he found out that Zeus had tried to eat all of his children. Odysseus had the upper hand in the argument for quite the while until within one split second; Zeus had struck Odysseus with his lightening. When Odysseus was struck he didn’t notice anything happen except for the factor of pain. Then one day Penelope got pregnant and
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He knew that he would miss them but he also knew there was something he was put on this world to do. Duvall went out to sea. The first island Duvall ran into was Calypso’s island, the one Odysseus specifically warned him of. The moment Duvall noticed that it was calypso’s island he yelled with all the force possible in his lungs and time froze as if it was never going. He searched and searched until he noticed, something was moving... it hadn’t frozen with time. It was like Duvall’s powers had no effect on it. It was Hermes. Hermes looked at Duvall and said, “I helped you’re father off this island, don’t make me help you too…you’re time freezing only lasts so long you know…” So Duvall left, he sailed out to sea and unfroze time for calypso to live her life. As calypso lived on, she found foot prints one day, leading to Odysseus’ old ship and she knew that no one had been out there in a very long time. Over time Calypso studied her facts and had finally came to the conclusion that it had something to do with Odysseus. Even though no one is supposed to leave Calypso’s island she her self decided to take a little trip to go and talk to Odysseus. When she had arrived to Ithaca, she was looking rough. Odysseus and Penelope offered her food and water and let her get healthy again. Finally when they all actually sat down and talked, Odysseus said, “I did not return to your island, my

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