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Growth Strategy in Small Entrepreneurial Business Organisations: A Conceptual Model Satyajit Majumdar
T. A. Pai Management Institute
Manipal 576 104
Karnataka ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abstract The research article focuses on two major considerations namely growth planning in small organisation as entrepreneurial as well as strategic activity. Growth of small organisations is influenced by the background/resource of the entrepreneur, the nature of the firm, and the strategic decisions taken by the
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The literature support was drawn from survival of new firms and growth of existing firms. I have also taken literature support to develop an explanation about ‘growth’ in small and entrepreneurial context. Research gap – In his book authored by Patel (1995) titled ‘The Seven Business Crises’ addressed business planning, management and growth issues of entrepreneurial organisations. The author took a consultative approach and expressed that entrepreneur’s attitude and psychology is important for growth as most of the problems are rooted within the venture rather than outside and recommended a carefully crafted strategic growth plan with high degree of entrepreneurial intensity to create a niche. He also advocated that taking outside help in the planning process may lead better results. Organisational performance and effectiveness is a function of match between organisational structure, processes, and the external environment (Hrebiniak and Joyce, 1985). In the filed of strategic management pioneering works were carried out by many experts. Porter emphasised that corporate strategy can not be planned and implemented without considering the competitive environment whereas Mintzberg explained that strategy is evolutionary, organic process and it is unpredictable (Hamel and Prahalad, 2002). Although Chandler stressed on organisational structure design around the needs of effective
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