guys vs suvs Essay

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Professor Truong English 1A 24 March 2014 SUV VS GUYS As the years have gone on we have seen many changes in the differences and roles of gender. Little have we thought of seeing cars taking a role of gender, in this case an SUV. SUVs have taken the role of a male with a feminine touch. Dave Barry’s Guys vs. Men is a funny, interesting and in fact true effort at explaining who guys really are, and why they are that way. Reptile Dreams focuses more on characteristics of an SUV that reflect the characteristics of men. Both authors produced a strategically strong essay in reference to their point of view with their own personal touch using a topic that they know most about. Dave Barry, the author of "Guys vs. Men" projects…show more content…
"My theory is the reptilian always wins,' he said, 'If there's a crash, I want the other guy to die. Of course, I can't say that aloud." Hence, the rationale for owning an SUV, and willingness to put others at risk rather than themselves in a crash situation. Again, questioning the rules of moral behavior. "For Rapaille, the archetype of a sport utility vehicle reflects the reptilian desire for survival. People buy SUVs, he tells auto executives, because they are trying to look as menacing as possible to allay their fears of crime and other violence. The Jeep has always had this image around the world because of it its heavy use in war movies and frequent appearances in newsreels from the 1940's and 1950's, and newer SUVs share the image." Guy vs Men strategy for showing a certain guy characteristic, like wanting neat stuff such as "mechanical and unnecessarily complex" For example the result of guys having the need to have stuff such as star wars, nuclear weapons, and such items that are in the extends of that genre. as to differentiate with the characteristics of a women, he used the example of a women and her living room design arrangement. Whereas a women find the need to rearrange the original position of their furniture and would cheerfully use the same computer for years, oppose to guys, they do not have a basic need to rearrange furniture nor keep a computer that is outdated. Dave
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