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1. Describe the competing business models of traditional textbooks and etextbooks. How do the customer value propositions of the two textbook formats compare? How are the profit formulas of paper textbooks and etextbooks different?

The business model of a traditional textbook noticed that they needed growth to keep up in the competing market so traditional textbook companies began to innovate from just a traditional textbook to now having add on to the books such as platforms. Textbook companies were faced with not only other traditional textbook companies but also etextbook companies, rentals, and students selling there books. The organizations have to continue to make sure that customer value propositions are met or they will begin
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There is competition amongst Mcgraw-hill and Pearson and other big companies to make a profit and stay in business, there is competition with new entrants in both textbook and etextbook companies, There is also a competition of innovation and which company will meet its target audience’s demand. Also competition of substitute products such as rent textbooks, used textbook and etextbook that almost over shadowed the traditional textbook companies business. Of the five forces of competition I believe that the competitive pressures associated among rival sellers in the industry is the strongest. I do not believe that of the five forces there is a weak one.

4. What factors are driving change in the textbook industry? What is your assessment of the impact of these driving forces of change?

The factors that are driving change the textbook industry are the amount of technology that is used amongst students today such as ipads, kindles and laptops and the demand for online textbooks for convenience. Another driving change in the addition to textbook industry is the platform such as the McGraw-Hill Connect and the Learn Smart.
My assessment of the impact of these driving forces of change is that the textbook company should innovate and move towards more electronic textbooks because as technology becomes more prevalent
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