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2.3 check the suitability of an individual’s clothing and footwear for safety and mobility.
When I go into a client’s house on a morning I get out clean clothes for that day for the client to put on, as I get the clothes out I check that the clothes are in good condition and that the clothes are the right size for the client. I recently went to dress the client, I went to put some trousers on the client but the trousers were too small so I explained to the client that these weren’t suitable as she would be uncomfortable all day so I looked for a bigger pair of trousers for the client to wear. I got a bigger pair of trousers out and they fit ok.
2.4 check the safety and cleanliness of mobility equipment and appliances.
I went into a
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A client required mouth care the client was able to respond to me so I asked the client how they would prefer the water either cold or cooled boiled water they prefer cold so I got this for them then carried out giving them mouth care.
4,2 ensure toiletries, materials and equipment is in reach of the individual.
When giving the client a bath he can manage to wash himself, while running the bath I get out all the toiletries he uses and put them in a suitable place for him to reach them while he’s in the bath.
4.2 dispose of food waste promptly and safely.
At a client’s house I made homemade mince and potatoes, with all the peeling from the carrots and potatoes and put them into the kitchen bin them emptied the kitchen bin into the outside bin.
5.2 store different types of food and drink safely.
I went into a clients house and a family member had just arrived with some shopping, I put the shopping away making sure all the frozen stuff went into the freezer and all the chilled stuff in the fridge, there was some raw meat which I placed on the bottom shelf in the fridge. All tinned food was placed in the cupboard in the kitchen.
2.1 support an individual to understand factors that
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