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Unit 1: Communication skills for working in the health sector
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Section 1: Understand how to communicate with a range
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Level of interpersonal trust between people, poor listening skills, inability to listen with understanding can be some of the common barriers in communication.

2. Read through the scenarios below and, for each one, suggest ways in which the barriers to communication can be overcome.

Scenario 1: A patient whose first language is not English has arrived for an appointment and as the receptionist you must check them in for their allotted appointment. However, they are struggling to communicate that they were running a few minutes late and as a result are worried that they have missed their slot.

This patient presents social barrier in communication. The encouraging actions that I can provide are: giving a smile, friendly facial expression, use of gestures and pictures, warmth and encouragement( repeat his words with a smile to check understanding).
First , I will ask him about his surname and date of birth. If he can not say it I will provide him a piece of paper to write on it.

After that, If still he is unable to communicate this information, I will ask for specialist support staff ( interpreter or translator).

Scenario 2: A health visitor has an appointment with an older patient who is hard of hearing and who has the TV playing very loudly. The health visitor struggles to communicate their concerns about the patient’s dietary habits and overall health.

The actions that cane encourage
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