health promotion: concept analysis Essay examples

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The Concept Analysis of Health Promotion Abstract Health promotion (HP) is a multi-dimensional and complex concept which the researcher is frequently used and defined in different ways. One of the nursing roles for nurses is the promoter of health; therefore it would be useful to attempt to clarify the concept. This article develops a concept analysis is to clarify the meaning of an existing concept of HP using the process developed by Pender, Murdaugh, and Parsons (2006). The method suggested by Walker and Avant guided this concept analysis. Attributes, model cases, antecedents and consequences, and empirical references are described. The implications for further research are also described. Keywords: Health Promotion Model,…show more content…
Definition of promotion Webster’s II New College Dictionary12 offers several definitions for promote/promotion including ‘to move forward’, ‘to raise up’, ‘to further’ and ‘to encourage popularized by publicity’. Moreover, the promotion term was used in a variety of literature, such as, sport, marketing, and business. The Wikipedia website presents a wide variety of the definition of promotion. In many sports leagues, promotion is “a process that takes place at the end of each season in which teams are transferred between divisions to the higher level.” Furthermore, promotion is determined in marketing as “disseminating information about a product, brand or company
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