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The history about Heavenly Blush according to the " Living a long, happy and healthy balanced life should be the right of every individual. Unfortunately it’s not always easy to do so, since there are always external factors that may hinder us from achieving this goal Sometime we just need a little help … One such help, was founded by our founder, Meitha. Having been a convert to healthy lifestyle, she found it difficult to maintain her healthy lifestyle, especially outside of her home. This is especially true with food. At home it was easier to maintain a nutritionally safe envrironment, but once she is out and about it become increasingly difficult, because the choices are limited or nonexistent. That’s when the…show more content…
Heavenly Blush the other of brand extension Heavenly Blush also develop a new product and existing brand , Heavenly Blush also make catering for event and make a restaurant, the item that Heavenly Blush sell is using non fat and healthy. In the Heavenly Blush they also have some packaging for yogurt that is a bottle yogurt and tetra pack yogurt. The benefit of using tetra pack yogurt is the yogurt can stand for one years. The labeling in the Heavenly Blush also have some different they make the bottle yogurt and frozen yogurt base on the color than contain a vitamin and different taste, for example in the frozen yogurt according to "The 4 Building Blocks Of Heavenly Blush Yogurt 1. Live Probiotics LA-5, BB-12 Promotes Healthy Digestion, Improve Immune system, and contributes to general health and well being 2. Prebiotic Fiber Stimulates the growth and activities of the live probiotics making them much more effective 3. Macro Nutrients (Proteins, Carbohydrates, and more) Supplies bulk energy, and nutrients that are needed for growth, maintenance, and activities 4. Micro Nutrients (Vitamins and Trace Minerals) Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, K, at about 10% recommended daily
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