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With a lazy walk that morning, I waited for the bus to school and as usual, I was late again to grab the school coach. So I needed to wait for the public bus. Lit up a cigarette as I intend to myself how well it'd be if I am still on my bed sleeping. Arghhh... My home is plain boring. So empty and silent all the time. What about skipping school and pass the day playing games in the shopping mall? Or...It'd be more gracious to get a cab straight up to Genting Highland and take a ride for a roller coaster? Hmm...I wish. I know it can't be since I need to report my attendance to Mr. Remy, the discipline teacher. What to do? Simply walk the day with that fake smile again. Be cool, Andrey...I read to myself. Yea...So cool that I require to face the rule after the Q and A with that Remy the fucker.

As I slipped the 2nd cigarette between my lips, there...The shiny black VW rolled over. No more scratches. I wonder what she has done to my bike. For 2 weeks I didn't touch my beloved bike. I miss it so much. I lit up the cigarette as she rolled the window down and look at me with her bitchy smile.
"Morning honey...Care for a ride?"
I arose and walked slowly toward her.
"I need my bike, Miss Rina," I stated softly and politely. She turned her head and look straight, not to my face. I saw there was still a grin at the end of…
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