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A High Performance Organization is an organization that achieves results that are better than those of its peer group over a longer period of time, by being able to adapt well to changes and react on these quickly, by managing for the long term, by setting up an integrated and aligned management structure , by continuously improving its core capabilities, and by truly treating the employees as its main asset. We can also define High Performance Organization as the combination of self-managing work teams, employee involvement, total quality management, flexible production practices, and a learning orientation.

The following summarizes all the definitions:
(1) Creating flexible, high-performing, learning
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The more training given to employees, the more committed they will be to the organization. Effective training program can lead to greater employee commitment and less employee turnover and hence more stable workforce.


Leaders of a HPO develop an effective, focused and strong management style by communicating the values and by making sure the strategy has been received and embraced by organizational members. Employees of HPO believe their senior leadership team goes out of their way to acknowledge and thank people for their contribution.


By External orientation we mean the relation with the clients , stakeholders and customers. A HPO should have a level of commitment with their customers, if they did not, they would not survive. They understand their customer’s needs and deliver services that meet those needs, they build loyalty and eventually build advocacy. Those customers then become vocal supporters which breed new customers and further success.


Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts, explained that the company believes its people to be its strength and has a top-down approach to training. The strategy is that all operations should be defined, the work very clearly distributed and the team member’s job should be made simple and easily visible.

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