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THE EFFECTS OF WORLD WAR I ON POLITICAL AND ETHNIC MINORITIES As you read in Chapter 21 “An Emerging World Power,” the government clamped down hard on those who dissented from the war and on those who held radical or unpopular opinions. In this assignment you will explore how political and ethnic minorities were treated during and after World War I. Definition: A “minority” is anyone who is not like or does not agree with the majority. It does not have to mean an ethnic or racial minority. The questions you will consider are “How were political and ethnic minorities treated during and after World War I? Why were they treated as they were?” Analyze each source in the file “Sources_World_War_I” using the chart below. The…show more content…
It revealed that if you’re not loyal to this country than the majority feels that you don’t belong. A German-American man was the minority in this situation THE CRISIS MAGAZINE Was an article written by the NAACP stating how many of our black men were drafted and had to fight in war for our country but yet when the war ends we have to come back to only being the minority again having no say so or equality. Basically America was a war within itself. Democracy was saved in France so it can be saved in America as well. That you can go defend your country but still come back from war and have no say so, no rights. African-american THE RED SUMMER OF 1919 Occurred in the summer and fall of 1919. There were race riot and massacre happening in the north and south. One that started in Chicago left a black boy dead he drowned but instead of the white men getting arrested the police arrested a black man and that’s when the stone throwing began. Violence escalated for 13 days leaving 23 blacks and 15 whites dead with hundreds injured. And 1000 black families homeless. All the incidents were started by whites.in D.C four whites and two blacks were killed. In Arkansas a race riot lasted for 3 days after one night some blacks were having a tenant and sharecroppers meeting at a church when two white law enforcers arrived at the church. Shots were exchanged and one white officer was killed. This

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