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Select five sources. Explain how useful these sources have been in informing you in your enquiry into the main features of trench warfare on the Western Front in the First World War. Introduction The five sources that I have selected to help with my enquiry are photographs, an extract from a newspaper article and a soldier's diary. The reasons why I chose these five particular sources is because I believe that they are a wide variety of selections, dating back to many years, all ranging from the start of the war to the end of the war. However, one of my sources, the newspaper article, was published in 2008 so it is more of a recent source but still, very useful and effective.From my own knowledge I know the trenches were inhumane…show more content…
They could fire up to six hundred rounds per minute and was able to cut down the lines of attackers causing huge casualties. Machinery guns was used on the Western Front to bring down/cut down the lines of attackers very easily. There were many more weapons used. However, this source does not show any of these weapons or how it is being used at the Western Front. It also does not tell us or show us how many people were injured or died in the first battle of the Somme, but from my own knowledge I know that there were sixty thousand casualties on the first day of the battle of the Somme. Casualties includes both dead and wounded. The normal proportion was about four wounded for every man killed, so approximately twelve thousand died and fourty eight thousand were wounded. Because this photograph is quite a close up one you begin to question whether or not this image was actually staged. The soldiers are actually looking at the camera and smiling which makes you question the reliability of the source. I also happen to know that it would have been pretty hard for a person to have taken a photograph of the trenches close up. There were shells everywhere; it would have been really dangerous
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