history; how did hitler and mussolini gain and maintain power?

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How did Hitler and Mussolini gain and maintain power?

Hitler and Mussolini both came in to power in the early days when their countries, Germany and Italy were facing problems after the Great War. Even then, both Hitler and Mussolini successfully gain and maintain power and control the country.

In order to gain full control of the country they had to remove or eliminate their political rivals. Hitler used excuses to blame and imprison his political rivals. One good example would be when he used the Reichstag fire as an excuse to imprison many communist leaders, which stopped them from campaigning during the election so that he could win more seats and power. He also used fear and terror by creating a group known as S.S or Black
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This massively improves the timing and trains were always on the right tracks following their schedule.

Hitler was popular because he was the one who stood up and promised change and make Germany as powerful as it used to be. He was also popular because he brought back the strength and spirit of many Germans. He used propaganda to make Germans feel strong about their country using films about great battles that Germans won before. He also restored the spirits of many depressed Germans from the first war through speeches. The fact that Hitler restored the spirits of Germans who were down in the dumps due to the first war, it left the citizens with a positive image of Hitler; that he was a good leader and he was willing to fight for their rights and Germany.

Mussolini, again is similar to Hitler, is popular because he was the one that offered helped when the Italians needed help. People wanted a strong government so that they could restore their former strength. He also succeeds in securing and improving the economy, transportation and job opportunity, which improved a lot of people’s lives.

Fear and terror plays an important role in Hitler’s road to gaining power. He used fear to gain complete control over citizens or people who were against him. The German police were given complete control so that they could arrest or imprison someone for no reason at all. People also feared Hitler’s personal army, the S.S very much because they could
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