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Project 3 Home Depot and Hewlett Packard: Diagnosing Change using the Star Four Frame Model By Amanda HRM587 Professor Anderson I Diagnostic model The diagnostic model that I believe that the Hewlett Packard and Home Depot would fit the best is the Four Frame Model. The Four Frame Model consists of: Structural, Human Resources, Political, and Symbolic. The Structural frame is based on the rules, goals, policies of the organization, technology and the environment. The Human Resources frame involves the needs, skills and the relationships between the people and the organization. The Political frame involves power, conflict and competition of the policies of the organization.…show more content…
By changing the structure, the human resources, the political and symbolic frame he brought back the goals of customer service, becoming the experts of home improvement and bringing unity between the organization and the employees. III S.W.O.T of Companies A. HP Strengths Global reputation for printers and PC Leader in printers for homes Have bargaining power in producing printers and other products Weaknesses Missed the opportunity move to mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets Losing business with business printers Changes CEO every few years that makes stockholders and consumers nervous Slow hardware Seem to invest in different areas without clear focus Opportunities Can offer products at reasonable prices Simplify the buying process for the consumer Expanding printing and imaging products Threats Hyper Competitors especially those that more diverse in technology. Very competitive and people want the best and newest technology Global recession Competitors that can sell refill ink cheaper price B. Home Depot Strength 1. Brand Recognition that most if not all people know who they are. 2. Good customer service has been number one priority 3. Corporate Office allows the store managers to manage the stores by ordering the inventory that they need rather than corporate tell them what they need. 4. Training the associates so that they are “pros” bringing pride in the employees and what they bring to the company. 5. Low

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