homosexuality: a mental disorder?

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Bruce Franklyn G. Aliguay
February 2014

Homosexuality: a mental disorder?

Thesis Statement: People should know that, homosexuality is a normal aspect of human sexuality and should not be considered a mental disorder.

I. What is homosexuality?

II. Origin and nature of homosexuality
A. Glandular disturbance
B. Genetic causes
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The term gay is used predominantly to refer to self-identified homosexuals of either sex. Lesbian is a gender-specific term that is only used for self-identified homosexual females.

Dr. Vincent Berger added that, "Gay" in modern usage usually refers to homosexual men or women. Gay sometimes also refers to the culture of homosexual men and women (as in "gay history"), to things perceived by others to be typical of gay people (as in "gay music"), or to same-sex more generally (as in "gay marriage"). Most people consider gay and homosexual to be synonyms. Note that while Gay applies to men and women equally, the term lesbian is gender-specific and is used exclusively to describe homosexual women. There is no corresponding word for gay men.

According to Sanchez and Agpaoa, (2009) homosexuality on the other hand is the generic term used to denote sexual responsiveness to members of the same sex. Although more often used to describe erotic attachment among men, it is also technically encompasses female-female or lesbian relationships. While homosexuality is practiced in a variety of ways, it is not the activity itself that earns the label of deviance but the choice of sexual objects.

Based on Salcedo, et al., (1999) Many common terms are used to designate the homosexuals like gays, queer, queenie, becky, bakla, bayot for males and for women, tomboy, binalalaki, T-boom, Tumbalats, and lesbian, etc.

Origin and Nature of
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