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Unit 3 Analysis of Fiction This Unit Activity will help you meet these educational goals 21st Century SkillsYou will use critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, employ online tools for research and analysis and communicate effectively. Introduction Literature has long been a major source of information and entertainment. Learning to analyze literary work systematically can significantly add to your enjoyment and appreciation of literature. The aim of literary analysis is to extract information about a work of literature from the text itself. Literary analysis essentially involves a detailed examination of the text to answer predefined types of questions, including what the author intended to say or why and to what effect he or she…show more content…
The low wattle fence surrounded the shrines and the gate made of black wood gave and awesome dignity. Task 4 Analyze Part II of Genji Monogatari Read HYPERLINK http//redirect.platoweb.com/344127 Part II of Genji Monogatari. After you have finished, answer the following questions. Analyze the development of the plot in Part II. Note the major events in the order in which they occur. Type your response here -They develop the plot by talking about all the gifts from the Suzaku emperor and many other people. They explain that the Third Princess is receiving these gifts because she is having an initiation ceremony. The major events are Genjis birthday, the Third Princess marries Genji, Princess Akashi gives birth to a baby boy, a large party was held at the Rokujo mansion, Describe the events around Murasakis death Type your response here -The events around the time of Murasakis death include Genji and the Third Princess of the Suzaku emperor marry,Murasaki helps with the arrangements of the wedding, then Genji finds Murasaki dead at her house out in the garden early in the morning lying alone and completely wet in the snow. Why does Genji agree to marry the daughter of the Suzaku emperor Why does their marriage fail Type your response here -Genji decides to agree to marry the daughter of the Suzaku emperor because he needs someone to take care of his daughter. Their marriage fails because he still is not ready to settle down and sees other women in secret. Name and
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