hotel rwanda

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In just one hundred days, almost one million people were murdered in the genocide rampage that swept through Rwanda, Africa in 1994. Hotel Rwanda, a film directed by Terry George in 2004, is a story based on the tragedy that occurred ten years prior. The massacre is a result of the Hutu tribe’s prejudice and discrimination of the Tutsi tribe and the world’s lack of intervention. George’s depiction of the event is less about the massacre itself though because of his choice to portray it from the view of Paul Rusesabagina, a Hutu hotel manager married to a Tutsi woman. Mass media hasn’t always been the way it is today. Movies are now one of the most popular forms of entertainment and one of the most efficient ways of sending a message.…show more content…
George’s film doesn’t skip over any of the gruesome details. None of the tears or fighting and bloodshed are skipped. The emotions of the people in Africa, terrified, hopeless, and distraught, are also portrayed in the film without censoring. Terry George is also able to keep the American audience’s attention with his choice of telling the story from Paul’s point of view. Instead of letting them see the events from a strictly objective and factual point of view, they see how the destruction affected a real person. Paul’s willingness to help others and sacrifice himself to keep his family safe brought out sympathy the audience didn’t feel before. Hotel Rwanda is a movie not meant to just entertain. Terry George shed light on the audiences of the real events that occurred. He was able to get people to react in a way they failed to when they should have. George also kept the attention of America by not covering up any of the details of the tragedy in Africa many may have
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