how F.Scott.Fitzgerald portrays women as shallow immoral beings throughout his novel

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ENG3U1-01 December 17, 2013 The great Gatsby’ F Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby is a beautifully illustrated love story, which one can enjoy over and over again. F Scott Fitzgerald skillfully portrays women as shallow immoral beings throughout his novel, The Great Gatsby. The characters Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker, and Myrtle Wilson are depicted in a less than favourable light. From the beginning of the novel and as it progresses, Fitzgerald, time and time again, displays these women as despicable characters. In Fitzgerald’s classic novel he demonstrates to us how the women are shallow human beings. On many events we can see the shallowness in each of the women, in the way they act and respond to particular incidents in the book.…show more content…
“While in New York in the company of Tom and Nick Carraway, she unconvincingly acts out the role of a wealthy lady in order to feel worthy of tom: her absolute need for a mutt off of the street and her statement that her frilly and obviously costly dress meant nothing to her. Yet these overtures are rebuffed by Tom when she later chants Daisy’s name” (Wyly Michael 70). This unforgiving act of Myrtle is both shallow and immoral. She cheats on her husband George Wilson with not just any man, but a married man! This man is Tom Buchanan and him and his wife are of the upper class. The fact that she cheated on her husband to a married man at an attempt to be one of the upper class of people is pretty self-explanatory of just how shallow and immoral that is. “The only crazy I was was when I married him. I knew right away I had made a mistake. He borrowed somebody’s best suit to get married in, and never even told me about it, and the man came after it one day when he was out…But I gave it to him and then I lay down and cried to beat the band all afternoon” (35). This quotation explains how she feels about her marriage. She hates her husband because he is poor. Even though she hates George she will not leave him. Myrtle is just using him for financial support and does not love him at all. How shallow can one get? Does Myrtle not have the decency to divorce her husband? Apparently not and she is willing to cheat on him with Tom Buchanan. Finally

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