how are women represented negatively in the music industry

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A2 Media Studies Research investigation Proposal How women are represented negatively in the music industry? For my proposal investigation, I will be observing two music videos and comparing them with each other, exploring the positive and negative ways in which women are represented in these two existing music videos. From this investigation, I will be expecting to fjnd out the reason why and how women are represented in the music industry. I will do this by researching different types of music and different videos in which I will analyse to come to a realisation of just how they are being portrayed. The initial secondary research sources which I have observed and detected are, websites that show articles about how women are…show more content…
The music video does this by; clothing the women which are associated in it not only in appropriate clothing but the way they dance is not in a sexual or erotic way. In contrast to Diced Pineapples – Rick Ross and Ne-yo – Miss Independent are very diverse compared to each other. For instance, the concept of the song ‘Miss Independent’ is different to ‘Diced Pineapples’ as the way it’s trying to portray women is in a positive way. It does this in various ways, for example, the way the women are dressed in Neyo’s video is different, their body is not only covered with clothes, but it’s covered with sophisticated a clothes which indicates that the concept of the music video was to portray women in a positive way. The locations of where the women actors are situated in also adds to this, due to these females being in an office and dressed in classy garments implies that they are elegant and exclusive, this reveals the purpose of this video unlike ‘diced pineapples’ where it is obviously clear what they are trying to presume from the video. In conclusion, I believe that music videos used women in a seductive way to fulfil their function of selling music videos, it is clear that women’s bodies have functioned as an important currency through which stories in music videos that are

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