how did war change canada

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How Did The Second World War Change Canada? The act of warfare has never been and will most likely never be celebrated and perceived as a beneficial act for humanity. In most instances throughout history, the act of war has represented loss of life, a loss to great for any wartime triumph to overcome. Despite the negative connotations that warfare implies, a nation which goes through a major war can often emerge positively transformed. The Second World War represents a colossal juncture in Canada’s history as a nation. The war propelled Canada into the latter part of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century as one of the prodigious, western industrialized nations. From an economical standpoint, the Second…show more content…
On August 19th, 1942, Prime Minister Mackenzie King broadcasted a message across the entire nation to emphasize the importance of a national selective service. Through the broadcast, a clear message was transmitted: if the allies were to win the war, Canada needed to employ all it’s resources into the war effort, and the Canadian women were at the forefront of this national effort. (Edmond Cloutier, 1942).i In total, close to two hundred and sixty one thousand Canadian women were employed in the war production alone. The war transfigured the traditional role of women in the workforce, as they were now involved in building aircrafts, ships, and other military vehicles. Nursery was a field which became very appealing for women to work in, as it offered tremendous wages and also new medicinal techniques were being discovered. Thousands of women volunteered, proving overseas forces with necessary equipment to maintain the battle efforts. World War Two played a pivotal role in the evolution of Canadian women in the society. The deep void that was left by the men who left to serve Canada overseas opened the door and new possibilities for women to sustain the economy and ultimately help Canada and the allies triumph in the war. The Second World War instigated another fundamental change in Canadian
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