how does Chisholm present her thoughts and feelings on world war one?

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How does Chisholm present her thoughts and feelings about world war one? How far is the extract similar to and different from your wider reading in the literature of world war one? You should consider the writers' choice of form, structure and language. Chisholm's thoughts about war, where very patriotic, she took everything as it came at her. 'I’m on'. As a woman, this is a very unusual role in the war, as many women preferred to stay at home. 'War was no place for a woman' many would say. Although Chisholm told the story about having to carry wounded soldiers on her back, was very impressive as she was only 'small'. This would have been very extraordinary as men were seen to be the stronger gender, that's why they had been asked to…show more content…
She shows that its not just men who can make a change in war, but women too. Chisholm's adventures during the war, would have been really outrageous, but she said she was known for doing things like that, she must have built up a character in her time. Her thoughts were, she was young she never thought of death, so it was simple when she took her chance to go into the trenches and 'poked.... around to see everybody was all right..' and when she was invited to go to the advance trenches, which were extremely close to the opposition, 25 yards. Chisholm shows that the women where depended on a lot by most medical students as they told many of their patients,' go to the ladies and they'll attend..' its like the women knew more about things that others, or else the medical students believed that they had more serious cases to deal with as they had sent the soldiers who had 'boils' and 'sore feet' to the women. But the women's days were packed full of stuff, they had a surgery to run, they could never go to bed thinking that they could go to sleep, they had to sleep with their 'clothes on' just to prepared for what would happened during the night, because at any moment you could hear the bombs, or the shoots which would be usually followed by an injured soldier. She felt pity towards these men, as their wounds where 'pathetic' and emasculating, she felt attached to the soldiers

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