how globalization and environmental sustainability influence strategic management

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GLOBALIZATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY CHAPTER 9 Chapter 9 Globalization and environmental sustainability Economic globalization has multiple implications for environmental sustainability. The interactions are so numerous and so complex that it would be simplistic to affirm that the two are in conflict. Indeed, there are neither theoretical reasons nor adequate or conclusive empirical evidence to show that the relationship between globalization and environmental sustainability is unidirectional or unidimensional (ECLAC/UNEP, 2001). One thing that is unquestionable, as the scientific evidence makes clear, is that the growing and cumulative scale of human activities has produced environmental effects of a global…show more content…
The environmental consequences are generally longer-term, with dynamic, cumulative characteristics that are difficult to measure because they are associated in some cases with qualitative parameters. Furthermore, many of these implications are not necessarily reflected in markets. Some examples of such implications are cross-border pollution, effects on global goods, effects on landscape and the loss of scenic beauty, the extinction of species and the loss of biodiversity (ECLAC/UNEP, 2001). Direct environmental effects are generated by the use of new technologies for agriculture industry and energy, by the exploitation of hitherto untapped renewable and non-renewable natural resources, by the creation and dispersion of new biological forms and by the release of new substances into the environment. Indirect environmental effects are generated by the social, economic, political and demographic adjustments driven by the wave of new technology, which has resulted in changes in prices and demand, the social organization of work, production systems, employment, the international division of labour, services and the location and nature of human activities and settlements. Environmental implications associated with a general redefinition of comparative advantages are difficult to anticipate, given the possibility that new and unsuspected advantages may arise and the likelihood that the factors that

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