how i learned to love football Essay

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Jesse Saunders
Prof. Keith Bishop
English 101

“How I Learned To Love Football”
“Move Over Boys, Make Room In The Crease”

Sara Maratta and Felisa Rogers essay is the opposite of one another. Sara Maratta at the age of 14 developed a liking to sports, hockey was Marattas number one sport. Maratta knew hockey inside and out. Her favorite aspect of the sport was the fighting part. It drew her deeper into the sport. Maratta had a passion for the Blue Jackets team, and being her number one hobby whom she supported as a fan. Although women want to be heard in the sports world and want to participate in the games, it is still a man dominated sport. Men feel that the sports world is not for women. Since she was a little
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Rogers finished all her accounts and then dryed up, while her husband got laid off due to the economy. Rich Rogers, Felisas’ husband decided to take to take charge to help support his family. Rich worked three jobs and with minimal pay supported his family he was so stressed out and was worried that they would lose everything. Then things turned for the worse, the Roger’s family suffered a tragedy the death of Richs’ mother, and their car crapped the bed. Felisas’ husband was in despair, they had rough times ahead of them. Whenever Rich would talk about football and Brett Favre Richs’ favorite player his face would light up and become happy even for the briefest of moments. Felisa saw this and never gave thought of richs’ emotional status before the hard times hit. Felisa saw the spark of happiness in Rich’s face she started to listen and support her husbands love for football. Felisa found her voice as a wife through sports specially football, reconnecting her relationship with her husband. Felisa found out she liked it. Sara Maratta enters the world of hockey and by doing so discovers her strength as a woman and finds her voice. Maratta states this group did not and have not accepted me as a true enthusiast who has a real comprehension and love for what goes on in the crease. Why? Because I am a woman”.(538-539) Women are finally being recognized in the world of sports. It is still a male dominate sport and women are still looked as sex objects, that
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