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The CPCAB model The CPCAB model underpins all CPCAB’s qualifications. It consists of three parts, which together form a working model of the counsellor. The first two parts also provide a working model of the helper. 1. Seven processes 2. Different levels of work 3. Three therapeutic methods Part 1: Seven processes The first part of the CPCAB model is the idea that, whenever a counsellor is working with a client (or when a helper is working with a helpee, or a supervisor is working with a supervisee), there are seven processes at work. The seven processes are described in the seven units that are found in all CPCAB qualifications. It might help you to understand these seven processes if you imagine them to be like seven parts of a…show more content…
Part 3: Three therapeutic methods The CPCAB model focuses on 3 therapeutic methods: This aspect of the model becomes more important at the higher qualification levels especially the structure of the self. This part of the model is less relevant to helping work, but it is important to get a sense of this underpinning
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