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Rotorua is the major destination of both domestic and international tourists. The city is
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Rotorua has pleasant climate, plenty of sunshine during summer.

Rotorua is stepped with cultural background and tradition dating from way back in colonial time and the descendants have left their mark in songs, myth and legend and dance which is very much alive amongst the maori culture not only in Rotorua but all around New Zealand. The Te Arawa people of Rotorua were the first visitors guide, leading the way to natural wonders which has been part of their heritage for more than 500years. The welcoming traditions have been carried out from generation to generations. It is also the melting pot of natural and cultural attraction which attracts lots of tourism from all over the world.
The full name is Rotorua- nui- a-kahu. Roto means “two” and Rua means “lake”. Literally Rotorua means second lake. It was name by the Maori chief Ihenga as it was the second major lake he discovered. According to legends, Ihenga was out hunting for his pregnant wife when one of his dog ran after a kiwi. When the dog returned with a wet coat and threw out half-digested fish, ihenga realised there must be water nearby so he explored the area, discovering lake Rotoiti and Lake Rotorua.

Rotorua offers rich maori experienced based on many local legends and long cultural history. At Whakarewarewa, a living maori village in an active geothermal settings, residents still
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