human dignity

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Human dignity

Nowadays human dignity is everywhere, to the public place, to the political, economic, social or medical concept. Dignity is defined as a moral, legal, ethical or political term that means a being has an innate right to be treating equitability.
Every human being has the basic right of equality, respect, freedom, acceptance, and to think, express his moral beliefs. According to human rights doctrine, “Human dignity is a universal, indivisible, independent, and interconnected concept”. “Human dignity is also an open concept. The meaning varies with the development of the apparatus of human rights protection” (Buijsen, M, 2010). Human dignity involves respect through the society and the culture because people come from
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Few years later he did a Bachelor of Science medical and started his career in the medical research. Once he was working in the hospital, he started to deal with real patient and understood what kind of inequalities the society could reduce on the individual dignity. That’s the beginning in which he was influenced to argue on the human dignity especially in the health-care. According to this text, the notion of human dignity can be justified by our own acts. For example, Marmot said about Saddam Hussein “he was a man responsible for death because he was the embodiment of evil”. In this case, must he lost his dignity because he did something wrong? Do we have to accept the torture? Following the doctors, “ There were no circumstances under which it would be justified to submit people to torture.”(2004). The freedom, the autonomy and the capacity are the main elements associated to the human dignity and to the individual right to health. The respect and the dignity are the universal values that encouraged the individual dignity. He insists that respect is one of the most important attitudes to the global health care. “We should treat patients with respect and equality”(Marmot, M, 2004). This strong value may promote the autonomy of human being. The social attitudes may have influenced this perspective by the social health policies that they could help on the wellbeing of patients. In addition, educational and cultural Marmot’s background have influenced too on the way
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