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Study of Recruitment and Selection Approaches

Shi Tianjie
BA Group 2

EB 3701 Human Resources Management
18 November, 2013

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Executive Summary
3. World Economic Background
4. Recruitment Approaches
4.1 Internal Recruitment
4.2 External Recruitment
5. Selection Approaches
5.1 The Traditional Selection Process
5.2 The Contemporary Methods
6. Conclusions
7. Recommendations
8. Case Study 8.1 Comment 8.2 Recommendations
9. References
10. Appendix

1. Introduction
The report discusses different recruitment and selection approaches and analyses which approaches are best against the contemporary world economy background.
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It can prepare for future’s vacancy and proper candidates will be select quickly. Deeprose (2002, p.50) pointed out that the trendsetters, like Unilever and IBM, are developing global databases, tracking promising managers throughout the world. However, employee’s internal personality cannot be recorded. Although the candidate is good at technical and language skills, he has bad morality.

4.2 External Recruitment
Everything like coins has two sides. Take Yahoo for example. Yahoo appointed its new CEO outside (Yahoo appoints Google’s Marissa Mayer as new CEO 2012). External recruitment has advantages and disadvantages described specified as the following:
The advantages:
I. There are a wider number of applicants to choose. Companies can make better decision because maybe outside candidates have better personality and business skills and one of them is more proper for the position.
II. New employee can bring new blood, brilliant ideas, more advanced technology and a fresh perspective.
III. The outsider’s experience working in another firm is useful. At the same time, his former relationship is good for the vacancy as he bring many customer sources.
The disadvantages:
I. New migrants may not be able to adapt new circumstance and enterprise culture. If it happens, effectiveness will descend.
II. Whatever methods companies take to recruit outside, its cost is high.
III. It takes more risk to make wrong decision for HR.
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