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BSBHRM512A - Assessment One What you have to do You will need to conduct research into Performance Management Systems (PMS) and how these support the organisation. You should research widely and include a bibliography with your assessment to support your recommendations. If you provide direct quotes you should reference these both in text and with a reference list. There are 2 parts to Assessment 1. Part 1 should be approximately 2000 words. Part 1 Star Industries is a company on the move. They are experiencing growth in their industry and have plans to open operations interstate & in South East Asia. You can read more about STAR on the STAR intranet link. The General Manager would like to ensure all STAR policies and…show more content…
• Performance reviews are formally scheduled every 12 months, coinciding generally with the anniversary of the employee’s hire date or last promotion date • Performance reviews must be conducted prior to a transfer, relocation, promotion, re-assignment or salary adjustment and must accompany all salary changes. • Performance standards should be documented, and employee performance rated on a scale that clearly shows whether performance is acceptable. STAR INDUSTRIES IS A FICTITIOUS COMPANY CREATED FOR EDUCATION & TRAINING PURPOSES September 2011 page 1 of 5 Appendix 1_BSBHRM512A Assessment 1 • Performance feedback must be clear, supportive, and focus on employee
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