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1.0 Background 2
1.1 Hup Seng Industries Berhad 2
1.2 Hwa Tai Industries Berhad 3
2.0 Roles of Directors 4
3.0 Ratio Analysis 6
3.1 Liquidity Ratio 6
3.2 Asset Management Ratio 8
3.3 Financial Leverage Ratio 10
3.4 Profitability Ratio 12
4.0 Four other measurements 14
4.1 Ratios 14
4.2 Theories 16
5.0 Conclusion and Recommendation 17
6.0 References 18

1.0 Background

1.1 Hup Seng Industries Berhad

Hup Seng Industries Berhad is an investment holding company and was incorporated in Malaysia as a public limited company on 4th October 1991 and received an approval certificate to run the business on 23rd April 1997.The mission and vision of the company is to produce quality fast moving consumer products as well as to be market
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The Board also responsible in giving a reasonable assessment of the financial position to its shareholders for quarterly and annually. The board will do some discussion before approving and publishing them to the public Securities Commission (“SC”) and Bursa Securities if there is any recommendation stated by the Audit Committee regarding the financial statements (Hup Seng, 2013) (Hwa Tai, 2013).

The board directors will also be alert of the importance of establishing and maintaining a sound system in risk management and internal control in the company and its subsidiaries whereby it will protect the shareholders’ interest and group’s assets. The boards test the effectiveness and efficiency of the risk management and internal control system on monetary, operational and conformity threat and find various ways for improvement. The Board makes sure that there is free flow of risk information throughout the Group and there is continuous monitoring of risk management processes in order to detect and minimize risks against corporate objectives on a timely basis. This can be done by internal auditors. The board and management will find the weaknesses detected by the internal auditors by taking the recommendation for further improvement (Hup Seng, 2013) (Hwa Tai,

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