iGeneration: How We Have Evolved from Fire to Smartphones

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The human kind has moved forward into a tech savvy generation where most people are so in tuned with their devices because of the ever so famous technological boom of the 20th century. With smartphones, tablets and other devices, the growth of technology has steered and guided the changes of how humans communicate with another and how we are connecting, bonding and unifying in a whole new level both emotionally and physiologically. The brain creates a new neural pathway in result of us using technology such as the Internet and causes new associations and relations to be generated quicker and by different means. Latest research suggests that the human brain may interpret electronic interaction as same as it would be in person. Others can…show more content…
Correspondingly, our emotional ties and reactions have also changed to accommodate what we now consider interaction. Dating and relationships has been an important issue relating to technology because it can potentially have a dramatic consequence for society. Digital communication can be manipulated and changed with the traditional way of interacting. This can be theoretically be dangerous, though not necessarily damaging. There are so positive aspects in modern and advance communication. As our technology become more sophisticated and complex, our generation will adjust to it even know we are unaware of the outcome of how it will affect is. It is important to study these changes in order to have a grasp the transformations that we are unescapably going through. It is fairly obvious that digital communication is expeditiously become the new norm. “The problem was not the will to communicate, but the effort we put into it. Facebook is more convenient than anything else — a problem I eventually realized — and because almost everyone (our age) we encounter uses it, it is the prime force of communication. So what does this mean for the future? Where will this take us?” (Simons, 2010) Sean Simons, a writer for Collegiate Times talked about how technology is

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