iPhone and Communication

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iPhone and Communication Introduction to Communication and iPhone Technology and its advancements have captured every facet of human life in the modern era of today whether it is communication, business or economics. In fact, it is also believed that humans have become handicapped without technology because it has developed into an integral part for an individual such that they cannot even think of surviving without the technological stuff. When talking about communication, the technology has provided a great deal of benefit to the people of today such that they can communicate with one another from every corner of the world (ATS 2012). High-tech communication stuffs are being launched on a very frequent basis with a very rampant pace, which has never been done in the past. Mobile phones are one of the vital and imperative technological innovations of the modern era that enables the people to connect and stay in touch with one another from home, office, roads and so forth. Indeed, it has been observed that nearly every individual carries a mobile phone with them (ATS 2012). Landline has now become the older and traditional form of communication that was simply used for talking and had limited features like storing numbers and recording messages. However, the mobile phones are not only used for communicating, rather it has become the entire entertainment package with added features such as games, music, videos, web connectivity and many more. This elucidates the fact
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