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Unit 1 Investigating a business Student: Lewis Smith Business choice: Iceland Foods Ltd Iceland Food Introduction Iceland is in the tertiary sector, as it is not run or paid for by the government. This particular British supermarket chain operator in the United Kingdom and Ireland and is starting to become more international. Iceland's primary product line is frozen foods but they also sell fresh groceries, cupboard foods and also other lines such as body hygiene products and appliances. Such as shampoos, conditioners and cloths. History- 1970 Iceland all started when Malcolm Walker and another young ambitions retailer decided to open a shop in an attempt to make their fortunes. When they first started…show more content…
The spokesperson giving the company’s vision statement will give a brief report on what the businesses future goals and achievements will be. It is important for the company directors to understand the businesses current position and the possible pathways that can be made and then from that the director can follow particular courses of action and what aims and objectives to set. One of Malcolm Walker visions for Iceland Foods is for expansion and making the company have a more global presence by building more stores in different countries around the world. Even though this vision has already been kick started with opening stores within Europe his ambition is to expand even further out. A another key vision for the owner of Iceland Foods Ltd is that he is wanting to become the leading frozen food chain due to the such good value for money on all the company’s products. Shown below is an aim and objectives of both what and how the business is trying to meet these visions. Aim and objectives A business’s aim is the main goal that the company wants to achieve, but a company may have more than one aim at one moment in time. A primary aim for any business is to add value in the private sector this would involve making a profit. A more tactical aim would include the following such as expansion, market leadership and brand building. A business objective is a detailed step by step plan a business would take in order to achieve an aim. These objectives need
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