icelt 1-4 Essay

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Class Background

This class is composed of 30 students in Grade 6 aged from 13 to 14, whose English level is quite different. About 20% of them are good at English, and they are active and participant in class, while 40% of them are poor at English, so they often remain quiet in class and sometimes can't follow the teacher. And the rest of them are of average level. They want to learn English well and are trying as hard as possible, but sometimes they are shy in class and like to be audiences rather than getting involved in class activities themselves.
In this lesson, I want to focus on helping students compare and describe life in different places by using different sentence patterns to express past and present events.
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S: When they lived in the city center, they swim in the swimming pool. T: They swim? S: Oh, they swam in the swimming pool. T: Now they live in the suburbs. Where do they swim? S: Now they swim in the sea.

Comment: In order to make the student aware of his mistake in grammar, I repeat the mistake with rising intonation and stress on the mistaken word so that he can pay attention to it and correct themselves immediately. Here I tried to get students to self-correct with echo correct clearly and effectively and I got instant expected feedback.

Sample 5

Context: Two pictures were shown on the PPT about Kitty and Ben getting up when they lived in the city center and when they live in the suburbs. There was a clock showing 7:00 and another clock showing 6:30. I began to point to each picture and elicit the following questions:
T: Look at the picture. What time did Kitty and Ben get up in the past?
S: They got up at seven o'clock in the past.
T: Did they get up late?
S: Yes, they did.
T: Now look at this picture. What time do they get up now?
S: Now they get up at half past six.
T: Do they get up late now?
S: No, they don't. They get up early.
T: Can you finish the sentence now? When they lived in the city center, they _____________. Now they live in the suburbs, and they _____________.
After answering these questions, students can finish the
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