identification of unknown organic compound

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Identification of Unknown Organic Compound by Melting Point (M.P), Boiling Point (B.P) and Infrared Spectroscopy Methods and Background The main objective of this lab is to identify the given unknown organic compounds with various methods. Identification of an unknown compound is important to perform through the process of melting point (M.P), boiling point (B.P) and Infrared spectroscopy (I.R). Index of Hydrogen deficiency (IHD) and elemental analysis makes an experiment more efficient in determination of unknown compound. The color, odor, melting point and boiling point determines the physical state and properties of a compound. It also determines its volatility in respect to temperature. The functional group of a compound can…show more content…
According to the calculation of IHD of 5 (i.e. 4 double bonds and 1 ring) and the functional groups obtained from the spectra was similar to the hypothesis structure, benzoic acid. The experimental value of melting point of benzoic acid was 116.7 and was almost close to the value found from reference book which was 122.41. The error might be the impurities from container. The liquid compound obtained from similar processes had an empirical value C5H10O. The IHD for the compound came 1 which might be 1ring or double bond. Since, the sample had a strong smell, and the spectrum was similar to the hypothesis structure, 2- Pentanone. Experimentally, the boiling point of Pentanone or acetone was 950C. But from reference it was 1010C. The error in boiling point of
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