##imiotstration Of Vancomycin And Cluoroquinolones

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Overall, administration of the first dose of antimicrobial beginning within 60 min before surgical incision is recommended [41,94,97]. Adminiiotstration of vancomycin and fluoroquinolones should begin within 120 minutes before surgical incision because of the prolonged infusion times required for these drugs. Because these drugs have long half lives, this early administration should not compromise serum levels of these agents during most surgical procedures.(Bratzler et al., 2013) Three meta-analyses were identified comparing cephalosporins to other antibiotics.147,148,150 All were of non uniformity studies tailored to the trial antibiotic. Details about dosage were lacking. In meta-analyses of heterogeneous studies, perioperative…show more content…
A Studies done at MNH and MC found high SSI (Akoko et al., 2012)(Mawalla, Mshana, Chalya, Imirzalioglu, & Mahalu, 2011).This is contrary to another study at KCMC which showed low SSI rate(Kitembo & Chugulu, 2013) Significant amount of SSI is associated with colorectal surgeries(Gomila et al., 2017) It is reported that the risk of ssi in patients undergoing hip arthroplasties is low(Article et al., 2013) Significant amount of SSIs occurred after dischsrge from the hospital an d majority of these patients were detected through telephone interview and other through questionnaiclure

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