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The economy of Vietnam is a developing planned economy and market economy. Since the mid-1980s, through the "Doi Moi" reform period, Vietnam has made a shift from a highly centralized planned economy to a socialist-oriented market economy which use both directive and indicative planning (Five-Year Plans of Vietnam). Over that period, the economy has experienced rapid growth. Nowadays, Vietnam is in a period of being integrated into the global economy. Almost all Vietnamese enterprises are small and medium
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In 2004: The export turnover in 2004 was $26.003 billion, higher 28.9% than in 2003 and also the highest growth rate in this four years. This is one of the biggest successes of Vietnam’s economic in this period. So in 2004 the export turnover increased $5,824 billion in comparison with 2003, the reason was increasing the cost accounted for 33%, increasing the quantity of exporting goods accounted for 67%.
In 2009: In the beginning of 2009, the world was facing with the Great Recession pushed Vietnam’s economy to fall down seriously. In there, the export turnover of internal economic area was $1.7 billion, lower 21.9% than Jan, 2008. Except for rice, the export of almost goods in Jan, 2009 were lower than the counterparts in 2008.
In 2012, export rose 18.2%, valued at US$114.57 billion. Vietnam 's main export market included the EU with US$20 billion, USA with US$ 19 billion, ASEAN with $US 17.8 billion, Japan with US$13.9 billion, China with US$ 14.2 billion, and South Korea with US$7 billion.
3. The acceleration of Vietnam’s exports can be explained by many factors, including the considerable expansion of export markets. There are four salient points in Vietnam’s export markets as follows.
First, the number of countries and territories that import Vietnamese goods has increased rapidly in the last ten years. Before the Doi Moi (renovation process), Vietnam mainly had trade relations with the countries in the communist bloc. Since Doi Moi and the Foreign
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