“in What Ways Might Political & Technological Factors Affect the Marketing of Products or Services in an Overseas Market?”

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According to Isobele (2008), in the book, International Marketing Strategy, International Marketing is defined as the movement of a firm’s marketing strategy that uses one or more marketing mix decisions across national boundaries. It involves the firm in establishing manufacturing or production facilities around the world and coordinating marketing strategies across the globe. Where the marketing activities of an organization include activities, interests or operations in more than one country and where there is some kind of influence or control of marketing activities from outside the country in which the goods or services will actually be sold. Sometimes markets are typically perceived to be independent and a profit center in their own…show more content…
While the concept of exchange rates appears relatively simple, these rates fluctuate widely and often, thus creating high risks for exp0rters and importers. Technological Environment Technological advancement is an important environmental factor impacting strategy formulation. It has accelerated in transportation, communication, manufacturing and computer systems, which may be considered major part of marketing strategy to market products and services abroad. Different levels of technological development and information technology between markets can affect the degree of export marketing strategy adaptation. For example, the availability, reliability and cost of communication media such as telephones, internet systems, technological networks, and computer software and hardware in the export country, which are likely to differ from the home country to a varying degree, may necessitate an adaptation in marketing strategy. Advanced technology in transportation can facilitate the distribution of products. It helps companies to better communicate and control their distribution channels. Information technology together with technological skills can create new opportunities for companies to communicate with their target customers. Moreover, the selection of promotional media in foreign markets should take into consideration the existing technological environment. Many domestic companies expect that replicating their domestic

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