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Information Decision Making Assignment (Unit 5002)
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Task 1 – The selection of information and data


Task 2 – The identification, analysis and evaluation of information and data


Task 3 – The presentation and communication of information and data




CMI Dip. In Leadership And Management L5, Module 5013, Assignment

Information is data that has been processed so that it has meaning and value to a recipient, whereas data tends to refer to recorded descriptions of things, events, activities and transactions. A database consists of stored data items organised for retrival. In organisations information plays an important
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Although legislation is firmly in place, it may not always prevent misuse, unethical use, or objective us of data and information. It is therefore the responsibility of organisations to have data and information policies in place that align to current legislation.
I practical terms, applied to the FE and HE sector, data is usually related to enrolments, assessments, progression, personal data of students, and often background data related to

CMI Dip. In Leadership And Management L5, Module 5013, Assignment

SEN and medical conditions. This is gathered in a number of ways, such as enrolment forms, course forms, registration with awarding bodies, assessment tracking databases, register and attendance databases, etc. These data systems also tend to act as information systems, e.g. are able to process and condition stored data. For example a register software called Columbus will hold attendance data for all students registered on all courses but it will be possible to
“run” an attendance report for a single student, highlighting attendance, lateness, or absences that have fallen below acceptable levels. This database is password protected and anly accessible by assigned staff, via their corporate login. The system is deemed to be secure but its actual security is debateable as it is possible to access the system as somebody else, providing their initials and a
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