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1, Distinguish data from information and describe the characteristics used to evaluate the value of data? Data versus Information 1 ,Data 2, information 3,knowledge. 1, Data raw facts, such as an employee 's name and number of hours worked in a week, inventory part numbers, or sales orders .several types of data can be used to represent these facts Data Represented by alphanumeric data numbers, letters, and other characters image data graphic images or pictures audio data sound, noise, or tones video data moving images or pictures 2.Information: a collection of facts organized in such a way that they have additional value beyond the value of the facts themselves. 3. Knowledge : is an awareness and…show more content…
Availability Availability enables authorized users—persons or computer systems—to access informationwithout interference or obstruction, and to receive it in the required format. 4. Accuracy Information has accuracy when it is free from mistakes or errors and it has the value thatthe end user expects. If information has been intentionally or unintentionally modified, it is no longer accurate. 5. Authenticity, Authenticity of information is the quality or state of being genuine or original, rather than areproduction or fabrication. Information is authentic when it is in the same state in which itwas created, placed, stored, or transferred. Consider for a moment some common assumptionsabout e-mail. 6. Utility The utility of information is the quality or state of having value for some purpose or end.Information has value when it can serve a particular purpose. This means that if information is available, but not in a format meaningful to the end user, it is not useful. 7. Possession The possession of information is the quality or state of ownership or control of someobject or item. Information is said to be in one’s possession if one obtains it, independent of format or other characteristics.While a breach of confidentiality always results in abreach of possession, a breach of possession

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