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Good morning ladies and gentleman. Before I begin, I want to ask you a question. Did you know that every 2 second someone is in need of blood? So technically every 2 second you have the chance to save a life. Have you ever dreamed for one second of saving someone’s life? Have you ever said: ‘I want to be a hero? Well ladies and gentlemen, today I bring you an easy way to check this task off your bucket list. It’s called: BLOOD DONATION. I am going to show you today the importance of blood donation on your body but first I am going to tell you if you are eligible to donate.

As you all know there are different blood types. Here you can see a table of the varieties of blood types. People with type A can give to all type A. Same for B, O and
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That’s why some homosexual go donate blood to check if they have STDs. It is very unethical but it’s legal. Moreover, giving blood reduces the risk of heart disease. According to Harvard research, 88% of blood donors are less likely to suffer a heart attack. This is due to the iron in your body. Iron is very good, but an excess of it can deteriorate the arteries. While having a blood donation, you are giving up 200 to 250 mg of iron. Plus if you want to keep in shape and you think that you gain a bit of weight, go donate blood. You are removing 450-480 g of blood. So that is ½ a kg in one day! And finally donate for your own satisfaction. You will proud of your self and it will make you feel happy. I experienced that 4 times now. Last year on my birthday I got a call from my friend. He needed blood because he was having a surgery in his arm. So left quickly to Hotel Dieu and I gave him blood on my birthday. Instead of receiving something, I gave what it is the most valuable thing I have. It made feel very proud of my self. And I hope that very soon you will do that.

As you can see ladies and gentlemen, blood donation is a very simple process. Everyone who met these conditions can donate. So what are you waiting for? Go save someone’s life. BE A DONOR, BE A

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